About Pinook USA

Pinook USA, LLC, of Orlando, Florida, sells high-end massage products ranging from digital muscle relaxers and related accessories to heat treatment pads for the back, neck, and shoulders. To market and distribute its quality items, Pinook USA works with a network of privately held vendor businesses; the wholesale company also sells online through its safe and secure e-commerce website, located at http://www.pinookusa.com.

Pinook USA primarily distributes its professional-grade products to various retailers, who in turn market and sell to consumers, massage therapists, and to other therapy and medical care providers. Becoming a Pinook retail merchant, dealer, vendor, or affiliate offers a variety of business benefits, including access to an innovatively designed and cost-effective product line that essentially sells itself. The wholesaler also supplies retailers with simple-to-use advertising tools, such as online banners and creatives, and supports them through global and national marketing campaigns. Additionally, Pinook USA works closely with dealers to cultivate their businesses and grow their operations. In doing so, the company provides them with live in-person assistance, immediate product shipment to reduce customer wait times, and competitive wholesale prices that encourage profitability.

As a leader in the development of innovative and effective massagers for at-home use, Pinook USA maintains a unique product line that includes specialty-built massage shoes and the battery-operated Pinook Head Massager. The company also manufactures a variety of digital massage devices, each one featuring easy-to-read displays and multifunctional capabilities. Pinook USA backs all of its products with a five-year warranty covering materials and workmanship defects, effective beginning at the date of purchase. The wholesaler also provides a limited lifetime replacement warranty for its line of Magic Heat pads, which offer relief from stiffness, tension, general pains, and headaches.


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