Pinook USA’s WheeMe Massage Device: Portable Relaxation

24 Jan

Pinook USA offers a variety of wholesale massage equipment at affordable prices. The company distributes the goods of private vendors who specialize in quality, at-home massage treatment devices. Products like the WheeMe are a great example of the many offerings of Pinook USA that make massages more accessible any time, any place. How does the WheeMe work?

WheeMe is a tiny, battery-operated machine equipped with wheels and offering a gentle gliding massage. The small robot slowly rolls across the surface of the skin, providing a massage with the creator’s patented “fingerettes,” while sensors prevent the device from rolling off of the user’s back. No intervention is necessary; the WheeMe conveniently does all the work on its own.

Studies suggest that regular massage therapy aids in stress reduction as well as alleviating issues of digestion, pain, anxiety, and headaches. The easily portable WheeMe delivers hours of on-the-go massage, providing a rejuvenating, relaxing sensation with lasting benefits.


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