How to Use a Pinook Heating Pad

7 Jan

Based in Orlando, Florida, Pinook USA provides massage therapy products and heating pads worldwide. Pinook USA’s heating pads come in all shapes and sizes, with some plugging into electrical sockets and others being warmed in the microwave or oven.

Following these steps to use a Pinook USA heating pad safely and effectively:

-Take a new pad and bend it back and forth until crystals begin to form and the pad starts to warm itself.

-Press the pad between the thumb and fingers in a kneading motion in order to soften it. After the pad has softened, it is ready for use.

These additional steps must be taken to reuse the pad:

-Boil a pot of water with a soft cloth at the bottom of the pot. Place the heating pad on the cloth until every crystal has dissolved and the pad appears to be entirely clear.

-Remove the pad using a pair of tongs and place it on a clean surface to dry and cool down.

-Examine the pad to make sure that all crystals have dissolved; if they have not, resume boiling the pad. Otherwise, wait until the pad has cooled down enough to touch and then apply it to the desired area.


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